1st World Tarot Congress


Tarot Temple by Laurie Amato
Painting by David Rogers

Priscilla Costello as the Sun 
and Janet Berres as the High Priestess

Janet Berres, Eden Gray, Thea Bloom and Francis Camberis 

Barbie Dolls in Tarot Drag

The Wheel of Fortune

The Tower

Jean Whiting as the Joker Death

A Walking Ten of Swords

Crystal Sage as Strength

Ken Genetti as the Ace of Wands

Death, The High Priestess and the Hierophant

Ruth Ann Brauser and Wald Amberstone

Anne Shotter as the Hanged Man,
and the Ace of Cups

Bob O'Neill as the Hermit

How many High Priestesses can fit on a skirt?

JB the HP

Alexandra Genetti as the World
from the Wheel of Change Tarot

Reverend Claire North as the
Queen of Swords

A table of wild-cards!

Norma Cowie as the Ace of Cups with Mary Greer and Brian Williams

Don Lewis as the King of Pentacles

Thalassa as the Queen of Swords