My Favorite People, Organizations and Resources

From my travels and work, I've been blessed with an abundance of colleagues, friends and organizations for whom I have much love and respect, as well as a collection of great Tarot resources. Here are some of my favorites:

Aecletic Tarot
Aeclectic Tarot has been dedicated to the diversity and beauty of Tarot cards since 1996. See thousands of different tarot decks, learn the 78 tarot card meanings, get a free reading, and much more.

Association of Tarot Studies
The Association for Tarot Studies is an international tarot society registered in Victoria, Australia, with a vibrant membership from various parts of the world. The ATS encourages, and is joined by those who have a keen interest in tarot studies and research in its various forms.

Brotherhood of the Phoenix
Lead by my good friend, Reverend Matthew Ellenwood, the Brotherhood is one of Chicago's most active Pagan Organizations.

Arnell Ando
View a gallery of mystical arts including Tarot decks created and published by Arnell, a collection of custom miniature comic book and occult shops, as well as some truly unique and magical art. There are also some fun experimental projects, essays. tips on collaging and making your own Tarot dec, revieews and great links.

Dr. Art Rosengarten
Psychologist, Author, Researcher, Moderator, and Director of MOONLIGHT COUNSELING

Holly's Rider-Waite Site
A Journey Through the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck

Joanna Powell Colbert
View the artwork and the creative process behind a beautiful deck.

K. Frank Jensen
Visit this website for a wealth of information, and meet K. Frank Jensen, the 2001 ITS Lifetime Achievement Award Winner.

Lon Milo Duquette
Lon is both a colleague and dear friend, and I know you will enjoy visiting him at his My Space page as well as at his website.

Memorial to Barb Krofel
In memory of my best friend and colleague, Barb Krofel

Memorial to Darlene Enber
In memory of my very dear friend and colleague, Darlene Enber